Sunday, April 12, 2009

a few more of my new moo cards

i went ummm, a little crazy, making my first set of moo cards. i think i made over 50 different designs! my two oldest friends came over yesterday -- one now lives in chicago and the other california -- and took a small stack each. it was a lovely afternoon.


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this collage was made on a postcard blank made of watercolor paper by strathmore from my stash of found and vintage papers. the upper right hand corner has the return address from my package from printtroll, from when he sent my swarm. thank you, printtroll! not only do i have a wonderful swarm of miniprints, you provided some good collage material:)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

s is for shoe

some of my best memories are spending monday nights, "art night," with my sister and one of my closest friends. we working in clay, painted, made collages -- anything that we wanted. at the time there was a wonderful art center where we could pay a nominal fee per night and use the space. it was also open pottery studio night, so we we joined by other creative types:) at one point we decided to make an alphabet book -- hence "s is for shoe." we each made one print, so three letters were completed.

a few years after that i decided that i missed the collaboration and gentle critique of having a regular group and i started an art group with three other women. it didn't last terribly long -- two of us were working full time and in graduate school -- but it was invaluable. this next weekend i'm going to franklin, tn, to meet some other etsy artists. i know we won't be able to meet that often, but i'm very much looking forward to it.


i worked all weekend on making art and going through my huge stash of papers to decide what to get rid of. i am having storage issues! this is one of the postcards on watercolor that i made this weekend in the 10 minute collage tradition:)

Friday, April 3, 2009

how to draw a bunny

i finally watched "how to draw a bunny" about ray johnson tonight. thank you randel ( sometimes a great piece of cinema is like a great work of literature -- you have to see it or read it at just the right time for it to make sense in your life.

i've been making postcard collages tonight -- just a coincidence. i'll post some later this weekend depending on how they come out. for some reason the mat medium i usually use with watercolor paper doesn't want to work on the watercolor postcards. go figure.

this is, of course, one of ray johnson's collages.