Monday, March 30, 2009

working large

i love working large. not that i don't enjoy the 4 x 4 inch collages, mind you. but they entail an entirely different process than the large mixed media pieces i do on canvas. the mixed media works take a loooong time to finish -- sometimes months. i put them up somewhere in my house and let them catch my eye at unexpected times -- an idea will start to form about what my next step is -- but i will wait until i can't stand it and have to work some more. i flat out abuse the canvas on the larger pieces, too. sanding, scraping, gouging, more sanding, glueing paper down simply to be ripped back off. lots of physicality. so here's mona. she barely fits in the back of my little car. she's finished:)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

moo cards!

these are just a sample of the moo cards that i ordered and just received. what a great art week, swarm number 15 is now in my possession, and my business cards have arrived. i think moo does an exceptional job -- they cards are beautiful. i love how many different images i can put on them and how easy it was. i got both traditional sized business cards and the small moo cards. i will definitely be reordering from them when these are gone!

if you want to see how a few more cards turned out, check out my flickr site.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

again, swarm

i am so happy to say that i am the proud new keeper of swarm 15. i haven't figured out how i am going to set up the swarm's abode, so i don't have pics yet. but printtroll is a genious. pure and simple. the swarm is just about the coolest thing ever. i suggest that everyone obtain a swarm. your life will improve. you will become instantly hip. you will lose 10 pounds and grow 2 inches taller.

visit printtroll and you, too, can be a keeper! (links in previous post.)

Friday, March 20, 2009

the swarm

i love flickr. there are so many incredible artists from around the world -- sometimes you have to search a bit -- but well worth the effort.

so now i have a new favorite (sorry randel -- from acollageaday -- you now have competition!

printtroll is a fabulous printmaker and -- never thought this possible -- a bigger packrat and collector of all things paper than i am. his swarm series is fabulous! and i am happy to say that i won a free swarm by posting on his blog my new nickname is miss persistant. i like that. it paid off for me wonderfully:)

so now i am a keeper of a swarm. i plan on being the best keeper there is.

check out robroy's work on etsy§ion_id=5995707, and on flickr