Monday, March 30, 2009

working large

i love working large. not that i don't enjoy the 4 x 4 inch collages, mind you. but they entail an entirely different process than the large mixed media pieces i do on canvas. the mixed media works take a loooong time to finish -- sometimes months. i put them up somewhere in my house and let them catch my eye at unexpected times -- an idea will start to form about what my next step is -- but i will wait until i can't stand it and have to work some more. i flat out abuse the canvas on the larger pieces, too. sanding, scraping, gouging, more sanding, glueing paper down simply to be ripped back off. lots of physicality. so here's mona. she barely fits in the back of my little car. she's finished:)


Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

Amazing collage! Creating a piece is really a mental and physical workout, isn't it!

paperwerks said...

yes it is! especially since i can't stand to sit and work. have to be on my feet no matter how tired i am. don't know why -- even with the small paper collages that's true! thanks for writing.


This piece is really beautiful and I love the explanation of your working process. It's so nice to be patient with the work and let it evolve. I love this so much!