Friday, July 31, 2009

gelatin monoprinting

i'm between jobs and won't get a paycheck until late august -- so the fridge is pretty darned bare! so what better time to make a gelatin plate and experiment with some techniques that i've been wanting to try? the monoprint above is one i made a couple of years ago as part of a series. these will be listed in my etsy shop at if you would like to check them out.

a couple of my other favorite gelatin print makers are mary buek, whose work i found on flickr. she's a fabulous collage artist, also. i also like kathleen garner, who includes very explicit instructions for gelatin printing on her website at

crooked letter press is a place i return to frequently for inspiration. ellen knudson makes lovely, monoprints using a gelatin plate using stencils and a (mostly) subdued color palate. her gelatin prints are quite reasonable priced between ten and twenty-five dollars.

Poppy One

Gelatin Plate Monoprint.
Three colors. 10" x 11.25"

there is a lot worth looking at on her site, but the link to the prints is


Monday, July 20, 2009

it's summer

i cut my hair off today (been letting it grow for over six months) and and dyed it mahogany. so to celebrate i'm haing an etsy sale --

buy one aceo or 4" collage and get one of your choice for free!

happy summer!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

art from nature

a few years ago my son and his best friend, who were about 8 at the time, constructed a sculpture in my driveway from large smooth stones, bricks, and cement blocks. i loved that sculpture both for the sponteneity they exibited while building it and the artistic expression of two little boys.

so when i ran across escher's flickr stream (richard shilling) it became one of my frequent stops. he makes art from nature in the vein of andy goldsworthy and is a talent in his own right.

you can get to the flickr photos of his work at
it's a destination well worth checking out, as is his blog at

richard also has a book titled "land art." i will definitely be putting this on my wish list!

Land Art by Richard Shilling

enjoy! and while you are at flickr, don't forget to take a look at my photos there, too!