Sunday, July 12, 2009

art from nature

a few years ago my son and his best friend, who were about 8 at the time, constructed a sculpture in my driveway from large smooth stones, bricks, and cement blocks. i loved that sculpture both for the sponteneity they exibited while building it and the artistic expression of two little boys.

so when i ran across escher's flickr stream (richard shilling) it became one of my frequent stops. he makes art from nature in the vein of andy goldsworthy and is a talent in his own right.

you can get to the flickr photos of his work at
it's a destination well worth checking out, as is his blog at

richard also has a book titled "land art." i will definitely be putting this on my wish list!

Land Art by Richard Shilling

enjoy! and while you are at flickr, don't forget to take a look at my photos there, too!


danadpatterson said...

Thank you for posting this link, I had a wonderful little journey there.

paperwerks said...

you are quite welcome:) thanks for coming here and embarking.

Pretty Things said...

I'm absolutely positive I'd love that book, too.


I love your photos on flickr. I hope to spend some time browsing tomorrow ...