Monday, July 20, 2009

it's summer

i cut my hair off today (been letting it grow for over six months) and and dyed it mahogany. so to celebrate i'm haing an etsy sale --

buy one aceo or 4" collage and get one of your choice for free!

happy summer!


Pretty Things said...

I've always wanted to dye my hair mahogany, but the one time I tried on my own, oh dear, big disaster. I'm going to try again, maybe as streaks, with my hair dresser (stylist? what are we supposed to call them now?) this winter.


Hello - thanks so much for your lovely sweet comment (from the heart). I love your work too! (mutual appreciation society!). Hope you have a good day. I'll be back with more goodies on both blogs tomorrow xx

paperwerks said...

pretty things -- always use the semipermenant colors. now that is, after the time my hair matched my vw bus -- butterscotch!!! i can't make drastic changes and it doesn't last more than a few weeks, so i can change my mind about as often as i want to!