Friday, March 20, 2009

the swarm

i love flickr. there are so many incredible artists from around the world -- sometimes you have to search a bit -- but well worth the effort.

so now i have a new favorite (sorry randel -- from acollageaday -- you now have competition!

printtroll is a fabulous printmaker and -- never thought this possible -- a bigger packrat and collector of all things paper than i am. his swarm series is fabulous! and i am happy to say that i won a free swarm by posting on his blog my new nickname is miss persistant. i like that. it paid off for me wonderfully:)

so now i am a keeper of a swarm. i plan on being the best keeper there is.

check out robroy's work on etsy§ion_id=5995707, and on flickr



I will have a look on flickr. Hope you have a great creative weekend. Best wishes, Carolyn

paperwerks said...

thanks! i'm headed out of town, but taking my papers and glue with me, of course. enjoy looking at the swarms! maybe you will become a keeper, too.

printtroll said...

Thanks for the post!

paperwerks said...

you are very welcome. thanks again for the swarm. i anxiously await its arrival!