Sunday, April 5, 2009

s is for shoe

some of my best memories are spending monday nights, "art night," with my sister and one of my closest friends. we working in clay, painted, made collages -- anything that we wanted. at the time there was a wonderful art center where we could pay a nominal fee per night and use the space. it was also open pottery studio night, so we we joined by other creative types:) at one point we decided to make an alphabet book -- hence "s is for shoe." we each made one print, so three letters were completed.

a few years after that i decided that i missed the collaboration and gentle critique of having a regular group and i started an art group with three other women. it didn't last terribly long -- two of us were working full time and in graduate school -- but it was invaluable. this next weekend i'm going to franklin, tn, to meet some other etsy artists. i know we won't be able to meet that often, but i'm very much looking forward to it.


Amber Leilani said...

i miss the collaborative efforts of school - i remember staying up till the wee hours throwing pots and etching.
i have a local etsy group i meet with in new orleans and it is nice to just talk to folks on the same creative/selling wavelength. i know you will have a great time!


It's very exciting and inspiring to work within a group and "what iffing" is always more fun when you are with other people. I hope you are inspired and have fun with your friends :o)

paperwerks said...

thanks to both of you -- i crave that experience, actually. for the last two summers i've driven to cincinatti to take one of randel plowman's collage workshops. my goal is to take a one or two week class next summer at arrowmont or someplace similar. in the meantime, i have a friend who draws and we have been talking about doing some collage work with her drawings. i think that would be delightful.

Martha Marshall said...

Your collages are wonderful -- found you on Etsy just now.

I belong to a small group of artists who have gotten together once a month for almost ten years. We always leave feeling inspired and eager to do art! (Of course members come and go, but there are four of us who have remained throughout the group's existence.)

I'm a painter and a sometime collage artist.