Sunday, December 26, 2010

the next give away

sorry that i made the last give away decision so quickly, but it was a no brainer! mel and i "met" on flickr, and now we are friends on facebook, twitter, and our blogs, and i think stumbleupon, too. so despite that we are hundreds of miles apart, i count mel as a good friend. PLUS -- mel so generously donated to my favorite charity for my birthday, it just seemed like a natural fit!

so, mel, you are out of the running on this one, friend:)

this square collage is four inches per side. i used handmade paper, some very old and delicate hand blocked wallpaper, tissue, found papers, and part of a vintage sewing pattern.

it is not matted. i've found some 8 x 8 inch frames with mats at target that look great with these collages if you are interested in framing it.


Mel said...

Love this one too, but I'm so happy about "mine"! :D Thank you so much, Kim! :D

paperwerks said...

you are welcome, mel. don't forget to email me your address!

saigon said...

wonderful that i stumbled upon u.
great idea of not deiscarding paper, but the troble is, u ll get drowned in them everywhere in the house. theres so litlle space to keep them all somewhere

paperwerks said...

now you know why my house looks like it does! out of control, lol.

Heedless said...

love it! I tried your etsy shop and couldn't find it...
love your work:)

paperwerks said...

heedless, thanks for stopping by! the esty shop is no longer, but the artfire link works:) thanks for your comment -- looks like you are the recipient of the collage! email me your address and i will send it to you!

take care,