Sunday, May 8, 2011

school is almost over

the year is drawing to a close. it's been a satisfying one professionally for me as as a teacher, and a frustrating one for me as an artist. since my son is about to turn 14, we'll just leave the parenting part out of the equation for right now, lol.

i realized tonight that i only posted one monotype to this blog last time i wrote way too long ago. while i made some intentionally kitschy prints for fun and for presents, i really was interested in experimenting with more abstract concepts. i love working with materials accessible to anyone, hence my newest love affair with gelatin plates for printing. give me some gelatin, paints or inks of some kind and some paper and i am ready to go. don't even need a brayer. in fact, the pressure from the brayer tends to quicken the breakdown of the gelatin. this can make for some interesting prints, but i prefer to keep the surface intact for as long as possible.

all of this series is printed on vintage dictionary paper. of course the rejects i have saved for future collage endeavors:)

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