Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's been a difficult few years between extraordinarily challenging teaching assignments, and ill mother -- who died over Thanksgiving weekend -- and being the single mother of a teenager. Oh, and we moved, too. But all is good, things have quieted down, although I miss my mother terribly. Our new place is the smallest place I have ever lived, but I have carved out space for making art. Well, ok, I took over a good bit of the living room. Not traditional (one neighborhood girl walked in and, like a miniature adult, "Well, THIS is interesting!") but functional for me. My son can tolerate it. I have been making a lot of what I call "happys." The small collages that generally only use paper from my way-too-large collection of vintage and found papers. They make me happy when I make them, happy when they find good homes, and even happier when I sell them:) I have missed the blogging world. I hope I still have some friends out there.

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