Monday, July 21, 2008

etsy shop

after an inexcusable delay, i am finally returning to my much-neglected blog! ok, maybe starting a new job and moving out of the house i had lived in for fifteen years excuse a little:)

i have continued doing my quicky collages, howevcr, and will start posting them to my blog.

i have also started an etsy shop, which i hope you all will visit. today is my first day and i am hoping for good things.

my shop is at please check it out. the collages i post here are for sale there, along with some other work.


akatrix said...

Your blog is so much fun! I tried to leave a comment on the monkey/lips but couldn't seem to find anything to click on. Your sense of humor tickles my funny bone!

paperwerks said...

thanks! i make that collage for my 50th birthday. my sister was nice enough to give a party for me, so i made lots and lots of collages for each invitee to choose from.

don't know why no one took that one! it's one of my favorites, too!

check back often!